Junaid Siddiqui

Name :

Where are you from?: Karachi, Pakistan

What got you interested in engineering education?

After doing MS in Civil Engineering I worked in faculty development. I worked mostly with Engineering and Science faculty and the experience made me interested in the research on faculty and institutional development in Engineering Education.

What are some activities you do for fun?

It is mostly spending time with family such as doing some fun things with my kids. I also enjoy programing. If there is some task I have to do repetitively I program it if I have time. For example I have a program that quickly gets me the bus times at a bus stop from the CityBus website. I also enjoy reading articles on news websites and comments on the articles. It is fun to see the diversity of opinion and how people think about things.

What do you like about the ENE community?

The friendliness of the ENE community is distinguishing from most other communities that I have experienced.


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