Mary Pilotte

Name: Mary Pilotte

Where are you from?  Believe it or not….  Born in LALA Lafayette, IN!

What got you interested in engineering education?

First, I was excited that such a program was created at Purdue to conceivably make real change in the way we engage and educate those we call engineers.  I started by taking one class part-time, and the rest is history.

What are some activities you do for fun?

I have a small farm, so I find peace there gardening and cultivating native Indiana wild flower species (BORING for some, but very cathartic  for me I might add!).  Me and my husband also provide fostering for rescued dogs from deplorable breeders (Schnauzer’s)

What do you like about the ENE community?

I like the diversity of people in the program;  there are so many different types of personalities, backgrounds and educational/professional experiences.  (If you can’t find a friend in ENE, you may not have a pulse.)


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