Dan Ferguson

Name: Dan Ferguson

Where are you from? Originally Detroit [the home of the Red Wings, Lions and Pistons], my wife Rene was born in England and grew up in Toronto. we have lived in California, Minnesota, Texas, Chicago for over 25 yrs [the home of the Blackhawks, Bears and Bulls ], Ohio and now Indiana. My wife holds dual citizenship with Canada and the US and so do I.

What got you interested in engineering education?

I have been teaching capstone design and entrepreneurship courses for over a decade and doing research on teaching effectiveness for assessment purposes and continuous improvement. I learned about this program from Ken Reid, one of the first graduates, and, after meeting Karl, Matt and Ruth, decided it was a great way to improve my research and teaching skills. In both my previous careers in large financial institutions and as an entrepreneur teaching and research were a big part of my life so ENE is just continuing what have been my lifelong passions.

What are some activities you do for fun?

Spend time with our three grown children; Anna/Joe, Julia/Jonathan and Phil, go to our home in Michigan where we live in the woods along with deer, elk, bear and many flying things!, jog, bike ride, swim, do triathlons, garden, go fishing and hunting and enjoy the fresh air of Pure Michigan!

What do you like about the ENE community?

The faculty are inspiring and stimulating, the staff is helpful and pleasant, the students are diverse, smart, dedicated, creative, adventurous, and just plain great people to get to know and work with for hopefully many decades to come.


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