Velvet Fitzpatrick

Name: Velvet Fitzpatrick

Where are you from?

Texas and California (I claim them both)

What got you interested in engineering education?

Euridice Oware was the first person to introduce me to engineering education back in 2007 when I was starting my MSCE.  She was formerly in my department and had the same advisor.  Brianna Brinkman was also someone who was a great source of information about engineering education.  We were office mates in WIEP.  After speaking to these to women are started looking into engineering education.

What are some activities you do for fun?

I go to dance practice or make hair pieces. I really just like to relax with friends when I have the time.

What do you like about the ENE community?

I think the ENE grad community is extremely friendly and supportive.  Being a PhD student is challenging, so when people reach out to say hello or just make jokes, I really appreciate that.


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