Kelsey Rodgers

Kelsey RodgersWhat is your research?

 All my research is conducted within the First-Year Engineering Program.

* First-Year Engineering Students’ understanding of Nanotechnology (also teaching students about various nanotechnology products, while incorporating learning about various engineering field options)

 * Feedback skills of First-Year Engineering Students and Undergraduate & Graduate Teaching Assistants (also creating pedagogical approaches to enhance feedback skills)

 * Graduate and Undergraduate Teaching Assistants (their perspectives of their TA responsibilities – hindering and helpful factors that influence different aspects of their job

Do you have any recent publications? If so, where did you publish?

  • 2012 ASEE IL-IN regional conference – about Problem Solving in Local and Global Problem Settings 
  • 2012 ASEE national conference – about Peer Feedback 
  • 2012 FIE national conference – about Peer Feedback 
  • 2013 AERA national conference – about UTA & GTA Feedback

What research method (s) are you using? Any great references you would suggest?

  • Qualitative (e.g. understanding the nature of student work, interviews) /
  • Quantifying Qualitative data and following up with Basic Statistical Analysis / Basic Statistical Analysis (e.g. t-test) 
  • Surveys (beginning in an on-going project)

Name a fun thing you do to create a work-research-life balance?

Yoga, Traveling, Scuba Diving, and Snowboarding (when I can)

What is your favorite snack?

Hummus and Pita


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