Jeremi London

Jeremi LondonWhat is your research?

My research interests include: cyberlearning, assessing impact, and information alignment within the context of undergraduate science, technology, engineering, and mathematics education; and exploring ways in which simulations can be used to understand complex systems. 

Do you have any recent publications? If so, where did you publish?

Yes. American Society for Engineering Education Annual Conference, Industrial and Systems Engineering Research Conference, and International Journal of Engineering Education.

Do you have a dissertation topic?

I am interested in studying how impact is characterized within the context of using cyberlearning resources in undergraduate STEM education.

What research method (s) are you using? 

I am considering either a Mixed Methods study, or a Qualitative study (Content analysis along with expert validation).

Name a fun thing you do to create a work-research-life balance?

I abstain from doing ANY work for one complete 24-hr period EVERY week; and use the time to rest, focus on religious activities, and enjoy time with family/friends.

What is your favorite snack?

I don’t have one per se, but snacking on fruit (strawberries, kiwi, grapefruit) is always an option.


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